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16th December 2005

helva11:49pm: MUHA
There you all are. :P I'm deliberating using this LJ thing again. :P !!!!!!!!!!!

Right, off to work

30th October 2005


Click here to join Outlandsmud
Click to join Outlandsmud

24th October 2005

rhyannelise9:49pm: recruitment
We must recruit c++ users
ethereal_lord11:35am: Its Back!
Outlands is back in action!
So, come play, NOW! ^_^
outlandsmud.com 4000
I'd post a telnet link but I don't know how. :P

And again, I'm Thark on Outlands, Mage God.
outlandsmud.com 4000
Current Mood: giddy

17th October 2005

ethereal_lord12:07am: *sniffle*
OL is still down. :( I wonder where the big boss man is.
I hope he is doin' alright. :(

Maybe this should be turned into the OLA. :P
Outlands Anonymous.

Hi, my name is Thark, and I'm addicted to Outlands.
I've gone 4..maybe 5 or more days without it now.
I can't handle it anymore!


11th October 2005

ethereal_lord9:52pm: Outlands finally has a LJ Community
Heya, welcome to the community specifically for the Outlands mud.
I'll eventually modify the layout to make it look better, but in the meantime, post, chitter, have fun!

The mud addy is:
Current Mood: tired
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